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Apave Certification, certification body for skills, services, products and management systems

accompanies you in your certification processes, whether they are voluntary or regulatory.

With a network of qualified auditors and laboratories, Apave Certification operates in France and abroad.

Our areas of expertise

Apave Certification's services are based on these 6 major areas:
Certification of management systems
Joining a management system certification process means demonstrating that your organization is continuously improving by reducing its dysfunctions.
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Product certification
Certifying your products means certifying to your customers that what they are going to consume and use meets a standard of compliance, reliability and safety.
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Certification of services
Certifying your services means attesting to your customers that what they will receive as a service meets a standard, a guarantee of quality.
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Certification of skills
To have your staff or their skills recognized is to prove that your employees have the required skills to perform their professional activity.
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To have your organization or your products and services certified, evaluated or controlled, is to show your willingness to maintain a high level of requirements.
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Certification engineering
Apave Certification also offers the possibility of setting up a customized certification including the development of a reference system adapted to your business sector.
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They have confidence in us!

Building on its reputation, Apave Certification is made up of several hundred client companies certified as a management system, and more than 500 days of audits carried out per year, in France and abroad.

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