GAPEC® Certification for security agents (Physical Aggression Management of People in Crisis)

Who is concerned ? Employee or job seeker working in the physical security of persons sector

Any person whose function involves potentially having to handle a crisis situation.

Learn to characterise the various safety zones in order to protect oneself from the risk of violence or physical aggression.

Become a GAPEC® certified person (Physical Aggression Management of People in Crisis)

A complete approach including:

  • A participative pedagogy that offers theoretical and methodological aspects, concrete examples stemming from actual cases
  • Group workshops in order to appropriate the tools proposed
  • The study of several cases, analysis of documents and role playing
  • Moments for exchange between participants, run by the trainer
  • The skills certificate issued by Apave Certification.

Frequency: Validity of the certificate: 3 years

Objectives of the prior training (conducted by an outside and independent training organisation):

  • Allow the personnel who manage a difficult public to prevent escalation to an act of violence and physical aggression
  • Prepare the certification of skills examination


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