Certification Engineering

Are you looking for a recognized third-party certification body to help you develop a certification framework?

Example with the creation of a skills certification repository:

As part of the implementation of your HR development plan, Apave Certification offers you its expertise to co-construct a customized skills certification framework.

The objective of this framework is to meet your needs in terms of:

  • training and skills development,
  • talent management,
  • change management,
  • business transformation projects,
  • the development of business expertise.


Our certification engineering service is also able to create a personalized reference system for your products, services, organizations, etc.

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Customized certifications according to your needs

OF: make your training course certifiable

You are a Training Organization and you wish to enhance the value of the people who follow your training courses? The increase in skills can be :

  • valued via a quality evaluation (certification exam of the competence)
  • financially supported to become accessible to as many people as possible by using CPF funds for each certification recognized by France Compétences.  

Apave Certification is involved in the recognition of people's skills at the end of your training, whatever your activity. We can intervene throughout the constitution of your request for registration in the Specific Directory of France Compétences. 

  • How can we help you? To do this, we work with you on a certification engineering process, pooling your business expertise and our know-how in the field of certification.
  • What are the stages? The process of designing a request (based on an existing training program or on your needs analysis) consists mainly of 3 steps:
  1. Opportunity analysis: we help you analyze the added value of the targeted certification.
  2. Certification engineering: design of the certification (referential) and the documents requested by France Compétences.
  3. Creation of a France Compétences file: we help you to efficiently fill in all the fields of the France Compétences teleprocedure.

These steps are optional and can be combined if you need Apave Certification for the whole process.

  • With what purpose? This approach allows you to offer your trainees, at the end of their training course, a qualitative validation of their skills, whose certification course is paid for by their CPF. 

For more information, contact Sihem BELATRECHE : sihem.belatreche@apave.com