Exporting products to China: Apave Certification helps you!

Exportation des produits vers la Chine

To help manufacturers and importers access the Chinese market, Apave Certification, a subsidiary of the Apave Group, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese certification and inspection body, CCIC, for national certification, "CCC", Compulsory Product Certification. 

Apave facilitates access to the Chinese market for manufacturers and importers, enabling them to effectively launch their products in this dynamic market.
The CCIC can also rely on Apave's expertise to meet the certification requirements for products intended for the European market.

Apave Certification is reinforcing its international presence with this new product certification partnership for China.
The agreement, signed at the end of 2022, will enable Apave to support its customers from start to finish in the certification of electrical and electronic products exported to the Chinese market.

What should be taken into account? 

Apave Certification supports companies and manufacturers who wish to export products to China. 

Challenges and requirements to consider: 

  • The complex documentation, 
  • Application requirements, 
  • Product registration, 
  • Regulations applicable or not according to the typology of the products. 

The European Union is one of the main export markets to China. 

Two technical compliance requirements are in place for products entering China: Chinese standards (GB) and "implementing rules".

Product Certification for China

The CCC certification 

The CCC certification, China Compulsory Certificate, aims to protect consumers by ensuring that imported products meet international standards. 
150 product categories are covered by this certification based on the Chinese GB standard. 

Schema de Certification CCC


Why Apave Certification?

Apave Certification is accredited to perform electromagnetic, radio frequency and product performance testing to help market products.

Accredited by the IECEE, an international system for the mutual recognition of test reports and certificates covering the safety of electrical and electronic components, devices and products.

This certification gives you access to markets in over 54 countries. It allows you to test and submit your products for certification and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

With this accreditation, Apave Certification supports its customers in Europe, North America, Asian markets and even in the Middle East.