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Put the environment at the core of your projects.

What is Biodiversity Signature ?

Qu'est-ce que

Environmental issues into account by companies is today an essential criterion in order to preserve biodiversity. Setting up a responsible approach in building construction projects in particular in the tertiary sector is fundamental. But this is above all a voluntary approach that demonstrates strong commitment in terms of biodiversity.

To help you structure your approaches and enhance your actions, Apave Certification allows you to validate the obtaining of the "biodiversity signature" label, step by step.

"The "Biodiversity Signature" label is a tool that allows you to integrate all of the ecological framework into your projects, in order to commit to an approach that favours biodiversity.
It offers project owners and the various stakeholders a guarantee in terms of taking account of the stakes linked to biodiversity and a pledge of quality and trust on the operational setting up of actions to preserve and protect biodiversity."

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Who should attend Biodiversity Signature

A qui s'adresse

Commercial brands, real estate promoters, industries and companies, institutions and local authorities who want to implement new projects based on an environmental commitment.

The characteristics

Les caractéristiques

The "Biodiversity Signature" label allows you to promote eco-responsible stakeholders who place nature at the centre of their priorities.

  • This is an element of identification that guarantees that ecological issues are taken into account in projects and/or layout operations right from the design stage.
  • It encourages the commitment of the stakeholders in the field in preserving and in developing biodiversity.
  • It benefits from an independent evaluation: obtaining a label from an outside organisation such as Apave Certification provides a genuine pledge of quality and credibility.



The "Biodiversity Signature" label is granted for a duration of 5 years and is broken down into 2 steps:

  • An "initial audit" that valorises the design and the delivery of the site (valid for 3 years).
  • A "follow-up audit" that extends the label for 2 years, makes it possible to valorise the management of the site, the commitment and the setting up of a continuous improvement approach.

At the end of the 5 years, the label can be renewed with Apave Certification.

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Prerequisites for obtaining

The "biodiversity signature" label demonstrates a high level of commitment in an environmental approach.
A set of prerequisites is necessary in order to qualify for obtaining the "biodiversity signature" label
For more information on the prerequisites, contact us.

Performance level

The "Biodiversity Signature" label can be obtained with 3 performance levels:

  • Environmental Commitment level / Bronze Dragonfly
  • Environmental Development level / Silver Dragonfly
  • Environmental Excellency level / Gold Dragonfly

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The benefits of Biodiversity Signature

Bénéfices de cette certification

Apave Certification, an independent third-party recognition organisation of the Apave Group, is the only organisation for obtaining the "biodiversity signature" label. Obtaining it allows you to:

  • Distinguish the stakeholders who implement measures that encourage the design of projects with a positive biodiversity.
  • Showcase the skills and attitudes of all of the stakeholders in the projects.
  • Maintain a high level of requirement in terms of environmental commitment.
  • Stand out in terms of the competition.
  • Enhance your brand image with consumers as well as with all the stakeholders that your environment is composed of.
  • Identify yourself as a stakeholder that is committed to preserving biodiversity.

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Why choose Apave

Pourquoi choisir Apave

Apave Certification is part of the leading certification organisations in France. An a recognised and independent organisation, Apave Certification relies on a network of qualified internal and external auditors, all over France and internationally.
Apave Certification intervenes with voluntary professional certifications as well as with regulatory and obligatory certifications.
Apave Certification's services revolve around 5 major areas:

  1. Management Systems
  2. Certification of Skills
  3. Certification of Products
  4. Services
  5. Labels / Evaluations

Steps and processes

Etapes et processus

To obtain the "Biodiversity Signature" label Apave Certification has developed a 4-step methodology:

  1. Validation of the prerequisites
  2. Filing of candidacy, eligibility and admissibility of the dossier
  3. Initial label obtaining audit
  4. Handover of the label obtaining kit and enhancing
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Apave Certification's strengths

Apave Certification's services are based on 5 major areas: Management systems Skills certification (DPO...) Product certification (CB Scheme...) Services (Qualiopi) Labels / Evaluations (HS2...)

Independent third party
Apave Certification is a recognized and independent certification body specialized in certification engineering.

Apave Certification works quickly, throughout France and internationally, and keeps deadlines under control.

Apave Certification relies on a large geographical network of qualified internal and external auditors, both nationally and internationally.

Apave Certification is a flexible structure with a customer-oriented approach, which is involved in both voluntary professional certifications and regulatory and mandatory certifications.

Apave Certification, a subsidiary of the Apave group, benefits from solid expertise based on extensive customer feedback over more than 150 years.

Recognitions and accreditations
Apave Certification holds numerous accreditations and recognitions, guaranteeing our quality and technical systems and proving our competence, know-how and independence.




Toolkits and useful links

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Your questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us!

The label is applicable to all construction and development operations in the national territory. It applies to a new urbanization or renovation project wishing to reduce its negative externalities and enhance its actions in favor of biodiversity.

The "Signature Biodiversity" label reference system is organized around 6 commitments:

  1. Responsible management
  2. Biodiversity commitment
  3. Water commitment
  4. Ground engagement
  5. Climate and Quality of Life Commitment
  6. Light Pollution Commitment

The cost of the label is around € 3,600 for 5 years. Service including an initial audit and a 3-year surveillance audit.

The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Have carried out a DPE (Environmental Performance Diagnosis)
  • Meet all the requirements of the “essential” level DPE
  • Have an average of the 5 diagnoses greater than 50
  • Obtain at least 50 points on at least 4 diagnoses (out of the 5 existing ones)
  • Have a project manager and a biodiversity strategy (in progress or already in place)