True to the Apave Group values of integrity, impartiality, ethics and professionalism, our ambition is to perform certification activities in: 

  • Building an image of confidence and creating a recognized brand,
  • Developing and producing services that meet our customer expectations,
  • Increasing the level of our competencies,
  • Facilitating the access to our services,

and this, with a spirit of partnership and continuous improvement, in order to ensure the sustainability and the value of our certificates issued through the quality of the evaluations carried out. 

The implementation of our management and organization system, which meets the applicable requirements, enables us to raise the awareness of our teams and to promote their responsiveness, in line with our ambitions. 

We, Managers of Apave Certification Body, are aware of the importance of impartiality, the management of conflicts of interest and the objectivity of certification activities. For this reason, we deploy all possible and necessary means to comply with the ethical rules that we are imposing to ourselves and to our teams, partners and subcontractors. 

Our objectives revolve around 4 axes:

1.    Operational excellence

  • provide our customers with services that meet their expectations, while complying with all requirements,
  • provide customers real certification engineering services to further their strategic thinking and offer new products,

2.    Competencies

  • develop the skills of our employees, both internal and external, through mastered qualifications,
  • bring added value to our customers through effective audits and adapted deliverables,

3.    Efficiency

  • promote the increase of Apave Group certification activities global performance through organized exchanges between Apave Certification Bodies and Local offices,
  • react and adjust to changes and customer needs through our continuous improvement and prevention of malfunctions processes and by our ability to anticipate changes in the certification provision,

4.    Confidence

  • strive to deserve the confidence of  our customers, of accreditation bodies and Apave Group,
  • ensure and guarantee  our certification activities objectivity,
  • control the risks,
  • provide in full transparency information related to certification audit and processes.


Our Management and Organization System is based on:

  • the management of our internal resources, in particular staff competence,

  • the effective combination of the available external capabilities represented by our network of partners (committees), suppliers and subcontractors.

As certification bodies Directors, we are committed to take action and implement the human resources and resources needed to implement this policy.


Certification, suspension, withdrawal

Apave Certification keeps available information on the status of the certification of any organization/person (granting, extension, maintenance, renewal, suspension, reduction of the certified perimeter, withdrawal), on the page of certified customers

>> Consult the management system certification process here

>> Consult the the regulation for using the mark Apave Certification

>> Consult the the regulation for using the mark CbyApave

>> Consult the General Conditions for Certification here


Information requests, appeals and complaints

The client may appeal Apave Certification's decision in the following cases

  • refusal to accept an application or issue a certificate,
  • suspension, reduction of scope or withdrawal of a certificate.

Appeals are handled according to this process.

Appeal process

The appeal of a certification decision has no suspensive effect.


Requests for information are processed as follow.

Information process


Complaints from customers or third parties are handled according to this process.

Claims process

Financial claims are not admissible when the contractual conditions have been respected.


Apave Certification is committed to respecting the confidentiality of both the complainant and the client.