Certification of external assessors in the social and socio-medical fields

Who is concerned ? Provider of services, social and socio-medical services and assistance and support services for persons.

Obtain the recognised skills for assessing a social and socio-medical organisation in order to prepare the teams and construct a continuous improvement plan.

  • Meet the requirements of the specifications of the evaluation
  • Enhance your technical skills from a legislative and regulatory standpoint which are indispensable for conducting an external evaluation for home-based assistance and support service
  • Assert your control with the profession in terms of requirements and the methodology for conducting an external evaluation in compliance with the Decree 2007-975 of 15 May 2007 the contents of the specifications for assessing activities and the quality of the services of establishments and social and socio-medical services

The possibility of creating a customised standard that takes the company's project into account

C-construction work with the team involved in charge of promoting the silver economy and HR services.

Frequency: Validity of the certificate: 4 years

Procedures: Skills certificate required to exercise the profession of external assessor in the social and socio-medical fields.


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