Terrom Label: quality assurance system for composts

Who is concerned ? Waste sorting-composting and sorting-methanization installations.

Apave Certification is recognised by the Terrom Association for issuing the Terrom label which aims to improve the quality of composts from residual household waste.

Obtain a label for the quality of your composts from residual household waste.

On 24 February 2017, the Terrom Association appointed Apave Certification to conduct the audits for their eponymous label.

This label is supported by Ademe and aims to improve the quality of composts based on household waste, in order to:

  • Make progress with existing sorting-composting and sorting-methanization installations in terms of quality of the composts and of the quality monitoring procedures;
  • Anticipate the setting up of a possible loss of status of waste for composts by creating a quality assurance system required for this approach;
  • Reinforce the trust of the users of composts developed from residual household waste and increase the use of these fertilisers.

It is intended for waste sorting-composting and sorting-methanization installations.

The Terrom Association is a grouping of the National federation of decontamination and environmental businesses (FNADE), Association of municipalities for the management of waste (AMORCE), National federation of municipalities on composting (FNCC) and Association for the methanization of waste (METHEOR).


Frequency The label is issued for 3 years, following an initial audit and with the condition of conducting annual audits. Laboratory tests are also planned, according to the standard NF U 44-051.

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