Product Certification for Japan

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The PSE mark is a mandatory mark for Japan in accordance with the Electrical Equipment and Material Safety Act (DENAN). 

It is administered by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Products regulated by the DENAN Act are classified into specified and unspecified products. 

Specified products require certificates from a conformity assessment body and application of the PSE mark, while unspecified products require mandatory compliance declared through application of the self-applied PSE mark, but not necessarily through certificates from a METI conformity assessment body.



Under the PSE Act, electrical products are divided into two categories based on risk.

Specified Electrical Products:
Products with a history of accidents in the marketplace, or products that have the potential injury, are called "specified electrical products" and require a third-party evaluation by a assessment by a METI registered conformity assessment body (registered CAB). METI (Registered CAB). Specified electrical products must display the diamond-shaped PSE mark.

Unspecified Electrical Products:                                                                                                                                    Low-risk products are referred to as "Unspecified Electrical Products" and are subject to a self-declaration system. Non-specified electrical products must be marked with the PSE circle.

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