Product Certification for the International Market


Apave Certification can help you get your products on the global market. Take advantage of our expertise to solve complex regulatory challenges.

What is Product Certification for the International Market ?

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The world and legislations are constantly changing. In order to comply with legislations on product certification throughout the world, Apave Certification offers you support in accessing the global market.

Our regulatory and normative reports and sheets are adapted to your equipment; 

Mitigate risks from the design, prototyping, manufacturing or importing of your products, Apave Certification can assist you in your projects; 


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Who should attend Product Certification for the International Market

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Manufacturer, importer, distributor of electrical and electronic products and machinery wishing to export internationally.


Why choose Apave

Pourquoi choisir Apave

The accreditation of our laboratories offers several advantages to manufacturers who wish to market their products on a wider market.
Our laboratories are accredited by Cofrac for ILAC MRA: International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

This accreditation provides assurance that testing laboratories meet internationally recognized standards and enhances public confidence in test results and access to exports.

Apave Certification is recognized as a National Certification Body (NCB) under the Certification Body (CB/OC) scheme and the Apave Group has a recognized Certification Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL).
The IECEE is an international system of mutual acceptance of test reports and certificates dealing with the safety of electrical and electronic components, equipment and products.
This certification gives you access to the markets of more than 54 countries, IECEE member which allows you to have your products tested and then submitted for certification to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Apave Certification also has expertise in European and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, etc.), which allows you to quickly get your products onto the targeted markets.

Our network has unique testing facilities in France (SOPEMEA) as well as international agreements to launch your products on the market.

Our network has unique testing facilities in France (SOPEMEA) as well as international agreements to launch your products on the market.

On unique means in France:

  • 17 anechoic chambers (electromagnetic compatibility tests), 
  • 1 radio measurement laboratory,
  • 4 electrical safety laboratories, 
  • State-of-the-art mechanical tests.



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Apave Certification's strengths

Apave Certification's services are based on 5 major areas: Management systems Skills certification (DPO...) Product certification (CB Scheme...) Services (Qualiopi) Labels / Evaluations (HS2...)

Independent third party
Apave Certification is a recognized and independent certification body specialized in certification engineering.

Apave Certification works quickly, throughout France and internationally, and keeps deadlines under control.

Apave Certification relies on a large geographical network of qualified internal and external auditors, both nationally and internationally.

Apave Certification is a flexible structure with a customer-oriented approach, which is involved in both voluntary professional certifications and regulatory and mandatory certifications.

Apave Certification, a subsidiary of the Apave group, benefits from solid expertise based on extensive customer feedback over more than 150 years.

Recognitions and accreditations
Apave Certification holds numerous accreditations and recognitions, guaranteeing our quality and technical systems and proving our competence, know-how and independence.




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