Delegate for the protection and management of personal data in the health field


At the end of 2018, the French hospital sector included more than 3,000 establishments with full or partial hospitalization capacities that can be very different in nature and size. The vast majority of these establishments are required to designate a data protection officer (DPO). To date, more than 2,300 establishments have designated a DPO whose role is to process this data.

Certification in the process of being validated by France Compétences

What is Health DPO ?

Qu'est-ce que

Health DPO certification is related to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which, since May 25, 2018, requires certain organizations to appoint a data protection officer (DPO).

Who should attend Health DPO

A qui s'adresse

The DPO certification in the field of health is aimed at a public of data protection professionals, specialized in the field of health or preparing to work in this field:

  • DPOs (or RGPD referents) working in public or private hospitals or similar health establishments (EHPAD, care centers, etc.).
  • The staff of consulting companies whose specialty is to accompany health establishments (and similar) in the RGPD compliance. 


The characteristics

Les caractéristiques

A guarantee of trust. The "Protection and management of personal data in the health sector" certification is the result of a collaboration between IMPACT RGPD, a recognized training organization in its field, and Apave Certification, an independent third-party organization. The ambition of this association is to offer the health sector a secure and recognized approach.

This certification is currently being registered in the specific Directory of France Compétences, which allows us to offer a transparent and quality certification process.

The benefits of Health DPO

Bénéfices de cette certification

The advantages of DPO certification dedicated to the health sector:

The "Protection and management of personal data in the health sector" certification is a voluntary process aimed at validating the expertise of DPOs working in the specific health sector. Offering such a certification allows us to professionalize the sector and to identify the specialized skills that respond to the specific problems of the health sector.

  • Our certification is co-constructed with Impact RGPD, an expert in the field, which means that the certification course is based on the dual expertise of the trainer and the independent and impartial third party.
  • This certification path completes the "classic" DPO training in only 2 days of specialization, and an easy to take exam (remotely, where and when the candidate wishes).

Steps and processes

Etapes et processus


To take the exam, the candidate must justify :

  • To have completed the special "Health DPO" training module provided by IMPACT RGPD and to have completed a prior training of at least 35 hours on the skills and knowledge of the DPO job.


  • Have at least 2 years of professional experience in data protection in the health sector.



The evaluation of the candidates takes place in two stages via an individual project and an MCQ.


The individual project

The candidate carries out an individual project that verifies his ability to draw a health data flow diagram, to position the fundamental principles of the RGPD on this diagram, to analyze the risks at each interface and link in the process and to produce an action plan to bring this flow into compliance.
This project is carried out within the framework of the IMPACT RGPD training and gives rise to an opinion of the trainer: Favorable / Unfavorable.

For the candidates to the certification on the basis of their experience and who did not follow the IMPACT RGPD training, the individual project can be realized in an autonomous way and submitted to an opinion, in the same way as the candidates having followed the IMPACT RGPD training.

Any other project realized in another professional context and/or in a previous training context can be exempted.


A multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ)

The multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) is given in French. It consists of 40 questions and lasts 1 hour. Candidates are allowed to use paper documents during the exam.


How to take the exam

The exam is delivered remotely, offering the candidate a 100% secure and flexible solution.

The connection to the exam is simple:

  • the candidate logs in online with his or her access codes sent by email beforehand
  • the candidate proves his/her identity using the webcam and his/her ID card
  • once the identity has been verified, the candidate enters under direct supervision thanks to his microphone and webcam
  • the exam starts and lasts 1h30 with 50 questions
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