Certification for operating steam or superheated water boiler rooms


Do you want to obtain recognition of your skills and abilities in operating steam or superheated water boiler rooms? Get certified by receiving the C by Apave skills certificate.

What is Operating steam certification?

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This certification is eligible for the CPF (Code certif info = 108501)

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Apave Certification’s skills certificate in operating industrial steam or superheated water boiler rooms is part of a voluntary approach. It was created to meet the growing needs of companies in all sectors that wish to increase recognition of their staff and certify their skills in operating industrial steam or superheated water boiler rooms.
Being certified means guaranteeing that you are competent to

  • Start up, shut down a boiler and keep it available
  • Monitor its operation, detect deviations or anomalies and react appropriately
  • Monitor combustion quality
  • Check the proper operation of the safety systems and maintain the steam networks in good condition
  • Perform preliminary operations and start-up of a cold generator
  • Carry out analyses and checks, interpret the results and decide on the measures to be taken according to the results
  • Safely operate the boiler manually in the event of a malfunction
  • Manage the regulatory inspections and maintenance operations

At the end of the examination, you will be issued a C by Apave skills certificate, subject to meeting the conditions for its award.

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Who the Operating steam certification is for ?

A qui d'adresse

Any person responsible for operating a facility comprising steam or superheated water generators operated with or without a permanent human presence; A future boiler operator

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Conduct of the examination

The examination follows on from one of the two training courses delivered by Apave. It consists of:
A theoretical test given at the end of the training - consisting of a multiple choice questionnaire lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.
A first practical test given at the end of the training - consisting of a simulation lasting 0.5 day.
A second practical test given after 6 months of work by the candidate on their facility – consisting of a simulation supervised by an Apave Certification examiner who has not taken part in the training process, lasting 0.5 day.


Certification terms

To be admissible, the application must demonstrate that it meets certain pre-requisites:

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Independent third party
Apave Certification is a recognized and independent certification body specialized in certification engineering.

Apave Certification works quickly, throughout France and internationally, and keeps deadlines under control.

Apave Certification relies on a large geographical network of qualified internal and external auditors, both nationally and internationally.

Apave Certification is a flexible structure with a customer-oriented approach, which is involved in both voluntary professional certifications and regulatory and mandatory certifications.

Apave Certification, a subsidiary of the Apave group, benefits from solid expertise based on extensive customer feedback over more than 150 years.

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Apave Certification holds numerous accreditations and recognitions, guaranteeing our quality and technical systems and proving our competence, know-how and independence.




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Your questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us!

Yes, this certification is eligible for the CPF, and moreover makes your training to prepare you also eligible for the CPF. For more information, see the exam preparation page.

Yes, you keep the benefit of your training until 18 months after your training to be able to sit for the exam.

You can contact Lorraine Gridel who will explain the procedure to you: lorraine.gridel@apave.com