Independence, Impartiality

Declaration of Patrice LABROUSSE, Director of Apave Certification

"As the decisions taken can have a substantial impact for our customers, it is essential that our operation ensures impartiality of the latter. The services of Apave Certification are based on the following principles:

  • The setting up, by type of certification, of a committee that includes all of the external parties involved, in charge of monitoring the process of certification and the impartiality of it:
  • The decisions based on the observation of tangible proof, taken by persons or groups that have not participated in the audits, in training or advising activity, or in the evaluations;
  • A body that monitors the implementation of the Management and Organisation System of Apave Certification and that guarantees the ethical rules for the granting and the use of the right of the mark (CoSAR);
  • A commitment of confidentiality and no conflict of interest signed by the auditors and the examiners;
  • The non-realisation of advising or assistance missions that can entail a conflict of interest with the certifications;
  • The implementing of operating procedures that are non-discriminatory that allow access to the certification services for any customer that so requests"


Certification, suspension, withdrawal

Apave Certification makes available the information concerning the status of the certification of any organisation/person (granting, extension, maintaining, renewal, suspension, reduction in the certified scope, withdrawal), that can be consulted upon request by contacting Apave Certification.

Access to the mangement system certification worflow.


 Appeals and complaints

The customer can appeal the decision of Apave Certification in the following cases:

  • refusal to accept a candidate file or to issue a certificate,
  • suspension, reduction in the scope or withdrawal of a certificate.

Appeals are processed according to this process.


Appealing a certification decision does not have a suspensive effect.


Complaints from customer or from third parties are processed according to this process.


Complaints of a financial nature cannot be received when the contractual conditions have been complied with.

Apave Certification undertakes to respect the confidentiality, of the plaintiff as well as of the customer.

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