Business continuity management system certification ISO 22301

Who is concerned ? Company with a high impact in the event the activity stops (power supply, transport, finance, health, fluids: energy, water, waste, telecommunications) but also administrations (Directorate-General, quality manager, risk manager)

Prepare for disruptive incidents, know how to re-establish them quickly and reduce their probability of occurring.

ISO 22301 certification certifies the quality of the business continuity management system.

You wish to protect yourself from disruptive incidents, reduce their probability of occurring, prepare for them, respond to them and get back on schedule quickly if they occur? Increase your resilience?

This is the purpose of ISO 22301 certification which allows companies to plan, establish and implement a business continuity management system.

This certification is the international reference. It is designed to adapt to all organisations, independent of their size and nature of their activities, taking account of its environment and the complexity of its operation.

Frequency: 3-year cycle, annual audit.


  • Improve your relations with your parties involved (local partners, service providers...)
  • Reduce your costs thanks to optimising your purchases
  • Enhance your image
  • Meet the stakes of your Principals
  • Demonstrate your CSR commitment

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