Certification of your Factory Production Control (FPC) system: EN1090

Who is concerned ? Tous les fabricants de structures métalliques et de composants en acier ou en aluminium.

Who is involved? All manufacturers of metallic structures and steel or aluminium components.


Market your products with CE marking, certifying compliance with the Construction Products Regulation, Construction Products Directive 305/20011.

EN1090 certification is a voluntary approach. It authorises you to market your products with a CE marking that certifies compliance with the construction products regulation.


There is no frequency because it varies according to the classes of execution and changes after the follow-up audits.


The standard takes account of the following themes:

- quality,
- review of the requirements, technical and subcontracting review,
- process management, qualification of welding procedures,
- welding coordination,

- skills of the personnel, welder qualification,

- inspection and/or verification of welding equipment.

According to the nature of the products manufactured and the materials used, the company will choose from the standards:
- Steel EN1090-2,
- Aluminium EN1090-3,

-  Execution class EXC1 to EXC4.

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