Quality standard in Medical imaging: LABELIX

Who is concerned ? Medical imaging centre or service.

Obtaining a label for your medical imaging centre or service is offering your patients and your teams proof that you are seeking service that has been made optimal. Improvement in welcoming and caring, involvement and cohesion in the teams, uniformity in practices and the formalising of procedures are some of the expected benefits.

Get the quality of your medical imaging services recognised.


LABELIX is a voluntary approach.

Set up at the initiative and under the responsibility of the Fédération Nationale des Médecins Radiologues (French national federation of radiologists), obtaining the label is organised and followed by the LABELIX Association.

Obtaining a label for your medical imaging structure participates in the recognition of the quality of the services of your practice and of your medical imaging services by an independent organisation mandated by the LABELIX Association.


The LABELIX standard is comprised of 10 chapters that define the 10 commitments to achieve in the fields of:

  • welcoming and informing,
  • hygiene and safety,
  • measures in terms of vigilance,
  • handling incidents and accidents,
  • radiation protection for workers and patients,
  • general organisation of activities,
  • the structure's quality and safety policy.

Frequency: 4 years with a document audit 2 years after the initial audit.

Procedures: To apply for the label in the best conditions, you should:

  • analyse risks,
  • integrate a policy with coherent objectives,
  • follow a performance indicator,
  • identify resources and specific means,
  • define responsibilities,
  • master your communication,
  • establish a procedure and operational control of activities,
  • have a monitoring system,
  • develop a crisis management procedure,
  • set down the measures that guarantee continuous improvement.


Having the LABELIX label is:

• External stakes

  • Providing guarantees for the official services and supervisory authorities
  • Highlight the know-how and the skills with your customers
  • Benefit from external recognition

• Internal stakes

  • Ensure the sustainability of good practices
  • Increase the solidity of the organisation
  • Involve the teams around a shared project
  • Develop a culture for continuous improvement


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