Who is concerned ? Manufacturers of household appliances, electronic, portable electric, furnishing, leisure equiment, professional equipment,...

The range of products is therefore very large but excludes automobiles, textile products (excluding leather goods), food, cosmetics and chemical products.

The LONGTIME® label aims on one hand to highlight the manufacturers willing to offer sustainable products, and on the other hand to encourage a different way to consume.

This label, owned by the Cooperative ETHIKIS, is the result of a 2-year development work in collaboration with the applicable stakeholders: manufacturers, users, consumers,... It can be issued by Apave Certification following the assessment of conformity to a labeling baseline including several requirements around the 3 following pillars: robustness, repairability / customer service, and warranty conditions.

Periodicity :

The LONGTIME® label is issued following an initial audit for a 3 year period, with a follow-up audit at the end of the validity period.


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