Security management system certification: ISO 18788

Who is concerned ? Principals, public authorities and providers of services in the field of private security that have activities in France as well as in weakened governance areas.

Optimise the effectiveness of your private security operations.

  • Provide an organisational framework for managing activities and risks intended for bodies that conduct or that outsource security operations.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct in security operations in order to satisfy customers and the other parties involved.
  • Allow bodies and users of security services to prove their commitment with regards to the legal requirements and good practices found.
  • Demonstrate your capacity to constantly propose services that meet the needs of customers and that are compliant with international, national and local law, as well as the requirements for compliance with Human rights.

Certification of your security management system according to the ISO 18788 standard must optimise the effectiveness of your private security operations.


Validity of the certificate: 3 years.


ISO 18788 certification is a voluntary approach.

The standard takes account of the following themes:

  • Definition of the operational framework: context, needs and requirements, definition of the risk criteria, definition of the application scope.
  • Policy: commitment of the management, commitment in protecting Human rights, commitment in terms of resources, commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Scheduling: risk assessment, legal requirements, risk management strategy.
  • Implementation and conducting of operational activities: operational control, skills, communication, role and responsibilities, prevention and management of undesirable or disruptive events.
  • Performance evaluation: evaluation of the compliance and of the performance of the system, exercises and tests, internal audits, management review.


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