Data Protection Officer DPO skills certification

Who is concerned ? Any person in charge of implementing GDPR principles compliance within an organisation (data controller or subcontractor).

This skills certification is also adapted for any person able to demonstrate a minimum 2 year experience in data protection (data treatment, system protection, compliance, building awareness about data...)

What legal frame involves GDPR & Data protection?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that was adopted on May 25th 2018 and it involves for some companies the designation of a Data Protection Officer, specifically some mandatory cases as stipulated in article 37. In this case, it concerns in particular data treatment on a large scale & sensitive data protection.

Independently from this legal frame, the designation of a DPO is recommended by the CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority.

Apave Certification awarded the DPO skills certification by the CNIL

The CNIL officially awarded Apave Certification its license of Data Protection Officer (DPO) skills certification (license n° 2019-138), based on Apave certification’s ISO 17024 accreditation.

With this, the CNIL acknowledges the quality of the Apave Certification examination system, in accordance with the standards the CNIL developed.

How to obtain your DPO certification?

You have an experience and the related skills in data protection?

Get your C by Apave skills certification.

 Exam sessions are planned in France.

For any information, please contact Lorraine Gridel: lorraine.gridel[at]apave[dot]com  


Pre-requisite to take the exam

 Situation n°1Situation n°2

Professional experience

 Min. of a 2 year experience in any professional fieldMin. of a 2 year experience on projects / activities related to data protection

Vocational training   

Mandatory: must follow a min. 35 hour data protection vocational training** No training required**


Exam content

Apave Certification DPO exam tests the 17 skills that are defined by the CNIL (to learn more).

The exam panel consists in 120 questions, among which 30% consist in case studies, and are divided in three parts to explore the three main fields of competences defined by the CNIL:

  • Field n°1 : General data protection rules and compliance measures (50 % of questions)
  • Field n°2 : Data protection and responsibility (30% of questions)
  • Field n°3 : Technical and organizational measures to provide data from risk (20% of questions).

In order to pass, the candidate must obtain an overall grade of 75%, including 50% on each field. One the exam is passed, the candidate is awarded a skills certificate, valid for 3 years before having to pass the exam again.

Certification examination fees

 First Certification examRenewal (after 3 years)
Initial (excl. taxes)Re-take exam (excl. taxes)Renewal (excl. taxes)Re-take exam (excl. taxes)
DPO certification exam600€300€410€300€

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