Certification of training organisations in private security activities

Who is concerned ? Private security training body.

Article L. 625-2 of the internal security code requires training bodies in private security activities to be certified by an accredited certifying body. This certification is required to obtain the authorisation to exercise delivered by CNAPS (National advisory on private security activities).

  • Certify your skills in terms of training
  • Satisfy your regulatory obligation with the security expert!

The Order of 1 July 2016 defines the criteria and the procedure for obtaining (or renewing) in order to be authorised to exercise a training activity in private security activities.

Training organisations that work in Training in Private Security Activities must provide a certificate that certifies their skills in terms of training.


Frequency:  Valid for 5 years, subject to annual follow-up audits.

Procedures: If you are a training organisation in security activities, subject to authorisation from CNAPS (National advisory on private security activities), certification is mandatory (L. 625-2 of the internal security code – CSI).


This allows you to:

  • effectively and economically meet your regulatory obligation.
  • obtain proof of quality for your customers and partners

In addition to your certification specific to private security activities, we can also provide you with a label on the "Qualité des Actions de Formation" (Training action quality) standard for recognition by financing entities of professional training. (allocation of the cost of training to these financing entities).

This label is recognised by CNEFOP and by the financing entities (OPCA, Pôle emploi…).



  1. Request a personalised quotation from Apave Certification.
  2. Send your candidate file to Apave Certification for examination.
  3. Send your favourable admissibility to CNAPS (to obtain your temporary authorisation for exercise).
  4. You are audited by Apave Certification.
  5. You receive your audit report and where applicable your certificate, valid for 5 years, subject to annual follow-up audits.
  6. You send this certificate to CNAPS in order to obtain your definitive authorisation.


Apave Certification is accredited by COFRAC (according to ISO 17065) for the certification of services: 

 Accreditation n° 5-0587 - made available on the www.cofrac.fr website

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