Certification of the aptitude in managing relations with seniors - HS2 Label

Who is concerned ? Banks, insurance, service providers...

Know how to apprehend relations with a senior.

You want your personnel to be recognised as a trustworthy third party within the ecosystem? A genuine HS2 advisor, recognised within your company/ cooperative/ by your members and by your partners?

Certification is the extension of training and guarantees the quality of the process as a whole.

This certification is voluntary and was created to meet the growing needs of companies in all sectors who want to enhance their personnel and certify their skills in the framework of the HS2 label.

The competency framework aims to certify the aptitudes of all employees or job seekers in managing relations with seniors but also with the assistants.

In sum, a Commercial contact or Relationship manager will be evaluated on the aspects

  • Societal
  • Economic
  • Legal
  • Health
  • Psychological (movements and postures)
  • Commercial

Frequency: Certificate is valid for 4 years, with an audit every 2 years.

Process and procedures:

Apave Certification provides you with support all throughout the approach: from training engineering to certification and adapts its standard according to your requirements.

Qualified examiners who are trained in the issues with seniors and in the stakes of the silver economy.

The certification of skills examination lasts 0.5 days and takes place after 4 days of training delivered by a competent training organisation (listed by Apave Certification).

A qualitative approach that can be measured:

  • You enhance the training programme of the employees and provide them with recognition, employability and legitimacy.
  • You motivate and unify the employees in an inviting company project.

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