"C by Apave" Certification - Electrical product

Who is concerned ? Manufacturer, importer, distributor.

Impose your product on the market thanks to a recognised voluntary certification mark.

You want to post a voluntary certification mark, proof of the safety and quality of your products: choose the CByApave mark

The C by Apave mark is a voluntary certification mark registered by Apave Certification.

In order to obtain this certification, your products/services have to compliant with the current standard.

Standards have been developed by Apave Certification, a third party body, in order to allow your products/services to obtain genuine added value. They are based on the evaluation of the compliance with the requirements specified by the standard.

C by Apave is:

  • A simplified procedure
  • A budget and a right to use the mark accessible
  • A relation of trust between you and us
  • Access to international markets possible thanks to the NCB (Notified Certification Body) recognition from Apave Certification


C by Apave can be applied over a wide range of business areas, with the category of the certified product/service being mentioned under the logo:

  • Electrical products
  • Machines
  • Measuring devices
  • Special events
  • Security services
  • PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
  • ...

Do not hesitate to contact us to know if you can obtain the C by Apave mark for your products/services.


Apave Certification is accredited by COFRAC (according to ISO 17065) for the certification of electrical products:

  Accreditation 5-0587 - made available on the www.cofrac.fr website

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