ISO 29001 certification: certification of quality management systems for the design, development, production, installation and service of products for the oil, petrochemical and natural gas industries.


The oil and gas industry is particularly exposed to risks. Quality management processes and qualified professionals are essential in this sector. In the event of non-compliance with processing guidelines, serious damage can be caused to people and the environment. A high level of operational reliability is essential to ensure safety. 

What is ISO 29001 : Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas ?

Qu'est-ce que

ISO 29001 is a direct result of a partnership between the ISO and the global oil and gas industry. It covers the oil and gas supply chain and is a continuation of the ISO 9001 quality management systems international standard. Certification to ISO 29001 ensures standardization and continuous improvement within this sector.

It includes additional requirements on preventing errors as well as reducing variation and waste (scrap) by service providers. It also provides overall consistency and increased assurance on the quality of supply of goods and services from suppliers. This is particularly important when failures in goods or services have serious consequences for the companies and industries involved.


Who should attend ISO 29001 : Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas

A qui s'adresse

ISO 29001 certification applies to the following industries:

  • Oil
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas

This reference framework also applies to suppliers of products and services intended for these industries.

The characteristics

Les caractéristiques

The ISO 29001 international standard is the result of cooperation between the international oil and gas industry and the ISO. First published in 2003, it was developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the global oil and gas industry under the aegis of the American Petroleum Institute (API).
It represents an excellent opportunity for rationalisation and improvement and specifies:

  • The requirements of quality management systems
  • Establishing, producing and implementing products and services for the oil, petrochemical and natural gas industries
  • Requirements for error prevention, variation reduction and waste management of the service provider for organisations operating in the oil and gas industry.



The valid period of the ISO 29001 certificate is 3 years. Renewing the certification requires a renewal audit. ISO 29001 certification is a voluntary process that reflects businesses' strong commitment to service quality.

The benefits of ISO 29001 : Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas

Bénéfices de cette certification

The benefits of ISO 29001 certification
In an industrial sector where safety is paramount, independent verification of your products and services with ISO 29001 certification demonstrates your commitment to quality to your customers, partners and suppliers. 
ISO 29001 certification offers many advantages for your organisation and allows you to increase your performance by:

  • Reducing interruptions to your activity as well as administrative tasks and associated costs.
  • Streamlining your activities with the aim of improving quality and reducing waste. 
  • Improving risk management for optimising performance

ISO 29001 certification is also:

  • A competitive advantage for organisations that want to demonstrate their commitment to quality to help them win new contracts.
  • A guarantee of continuous improvement that focuses on preventing defects and reducing variability and waste in the supply chain, including those from service providers.

Why choose Apave

Pourquoi choisir Apave

Apave Certification, a subsidiary of the Apave group, has solid expertise based on its large amount of customer feedback over more than 150 years. Apave Certification, an independent third party, supports you in your certification procedures, whether voluntary or regulatory. We operate throughout France and internationally with our network of qualified auditors and laboratories.

The key features of Apave Certification

  • A structure on a human scale with an approach focused on your needs.
  • A network of qualified auditors and assessors, selected according to your organisational objectives. Experts in management systems, they have in-depth knowledge of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. 
  • Wide geographical coverage enabling great responsiveness and control of deadlines
  • Personalised support with the possibility of creating a customised certification or reference framework.
  • Obtaining a known and recognised certificate at national and international level thanks to our numerous accreditations

Steps and processes

Etapes et processus

To obtain certification, Apave Certification supports you during the 6 stages leading to the issue of the ISO 29001 certificate:

  1. Initial certification request
  2. Scheduling the audit between the audited organisation and Apave Certification: Schedule my audit
  3. Initial certification audit
  4. Certification decision
  5. Issuing the certificate
  6. Annual follow-up audit

Procedures for obtaining certification: 
ISO 29001 certification is a voluntary process by companies and is a continuation of the ISO 9001 certification. Of course, without knowing it, the manufacturers concerned already apply the specific requirements of ISO 29001, which result from contractual or regulatory requirements specific to the field concerned (traceability requirements, for example).
However, in order to submit your certification application under the best conditions, to facilitate its acquisition, and to better meet the requirements of the ISO 29001 standard, it is recommended:

  • That your quality management system has been running for 6 months,
  • That it has been audited internally at least once,
  • That a management review has been carried out.
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Apave Certification's strengths

Apave Certification's services are based on 5 major areas: Management systems Skills certification (DPO...) Product certification (CB Scheme...) Services (Qualiopi) Labels / Evaluations (HS2...)

Independent third party
Apave Certification is a recognized and independent certification body specialized in certification engineering.

Apave Certification works quickly, throughout France and internationally, and keeps deadlines under control.

Apave Certification relies on a large geographical network of qualified internal and external auditors, both nationally and internationally.

Apave Certification is a flexible structure with a customer-oriented approach, which is involved in both voluntary professional certifications and regulatory and mandatory certifications.

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