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Restore trust on construction sites with the “Committed CPW Actor” Label

After the abrupt shutdown of work sites, construction companies have all mobilized to quickly resume their activity in compliance with the preventive measures recommended by the OPPBTP. 
How will you highlight this commitment and perpetuate this approach which could become a new framework in the coming years?

ApaveAfnor The committed CPW actor label responds to this new challenge; developed by 2 major certification bodies, this Label aims to restore the trust of customers and employees in order to initiate a rapid recovery in a sector which has been dramatically affected by the health crisis.

What are the main recommendations for the construction sector?

Published in mid-April, the OPPBTP guide lists the main measures to be implemented for a safe resumption of activity on construction sites: appointment of a Covid-19 referent, barrier gestures, hygiene, wearing of a mask, coactivity...

If we take into account the feedback of our experts in the field. As part of the resumption of activity, certain measures remain complicated to implement on the sites:

  • The designation of COVID-19 referents is not yet systematic.
  • Consultative meetings between COVID19 referents, project managers and companies are struggling to materialize.
  • The cleaning of the most frequently used contact surfaces (doors, stair railings, windows, toilets, etc.) is always difficult to implement every 2 hours.

If you are part of the companies that do not face these difficulties and wish to promote your approach in terms of health risk prevention, the committed CPW actor label is a competitive advantage that will differentiate you. 

What is the Committed CPW Actor Label?

AFNOR Certification and Apave Certification, have drawn up specifications adapted to the verification of the measures taken to prevent health risks at construction companies (offices, company depots and workshops, supply chains for materials) and construction sites (life bases, construction site bungalows, etc.).

The committed CPW actor label is based on a framework established from the best practices available in preventing the risk of the virus spreading

  • Sector files from the General Directorate of Labor,
  • The good practices of the OPPBTP guide,
  • The labor code L 4121-1,
  • The Apave experience linked to the numerous SPS and CTC missions carried out each year throughout the country

This voluntary approach to public health and safety is therefore showcased and at the same time makes it possible to reassure not only company employees but also customers. On-site verification by a recognized third-party organization is an excellent solution because it allows the company to benefit from the keen eyes of an impartial assessor. Evaluators assigned to companies are specifically trained on the requirements of the framework.

Complément de texte

You wish to display the correct implementation of health measures, via a third-party organization with on-site audit. The evaluation is carried out by an auditor specifically trained in the criteria of the label.
For each assessment, you benefit from a complete report indicating the compliant elements, areas for improvement and non-compliance to help you progress.
After a favorable evaluation, you can use the label to communicate on the quality of your prevention measures.

Why engage in a labeling process?

As part of the resumption of activity, and especially for the construction sector which has been involved for many years in risk prevention, making the approach objective through the issuance of a Label can be a differentiation and commitment lever to:

  • Restore trust for your employees, your customers, outsourcers, suppliers, subcontractors and partners on sanitary measures implemented on the field.
  • Check the relevance of health measures and their applications in accordance with the practices of your sector of activity.
  • Reduce the legal risks for managers related to the implementation of Covid-19 prevention measures.
  • Sustain your health safety practices.


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Apave Certification: who are we?

Apave Certification is a recognized and independent certification body (third party) specialized in certification engineering.
Apave Certification relies on a network of qualified internal and external auditors, distributed throughout the national and international territory.
Apave Certification is involved in voluntary professional certifications as well as regulatory and mandatory certifications.
Apave Certification's services revolve around 5 major axes:

  1. Management systems
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  3. Product Certification
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Steps and processes

Etapes et processus

The steps for obtaining the “committed CPW actor” label

  1. Assignment of an assessor trained the committed CPW actor label Framework.
  2. Preparation: The assessor examines your documents
  3. Carrying out the mission on site:
    • Control of provisions
    • Interview with staff
    • Verification of the proper execution of the provisions
  4. Drafting and issuing of the report
  5. Award of the label
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Apave Certification's services are based on 5 major areas: Management systems Skills certification (DPO...) Product certification (CB Scheme...) Services (Qualiopi) Labels / Evaluations (HS2...)

Independent third party
Apave Certification is a recognized and independent certification body specialized in certification engineering.

Apave Certification works quickly, throughout France and internationally, and keeps deadlines under control.

Apave Certification relies on a large geographical network of qualified internal and external auditors, both nationally and internationally.

Apave Certification is a flexible structure with a customer-oriented approach, which is involved in both voluntary professional certifications and regulatory and mandatory certifications.

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