New CNIL approval

Apave Certification recently awarded the DPO skills certification by the CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority

The CNIL officially awarded Apave Certification its license of Data Protection Officer (DPO) skills certification (license n° 2019-138). With this, the CNIL acknowledges the
quality of the Apave Certification examination system, in accordance with the standards the CNIL developed.


This skills certification enables companies and businesses to identify the persons that have the seventeen required skills (defined in Resolution n°2018-318 09.20.2018) to ensure Data Protection and to preserve individual liberties.
The candidates will take a three hour exam, composed of 120 questions focusing on the three themes defined in the assessment program outlined in Resolution n°2018-317 du 09.20.2018.

These two Resolutions are the result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became enforceable in May 2018. With this, the CNIL aims to help professionals own the GDPR principles.

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Published on : 29/11/2019 at 15:05

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