New accreditation

Apave Certification is now accredited for ISO 50001* standard : Energy Management System

Apave Certification obtained ISO 50001* accreditation in order to develop its services in the Energy field.

Standard ISO 50001 defines the specific requirements in terms of Energy Management System (EMS), allowing an organization to develop and apply an energy policy, establish objectives, targets and action plans allowing it to uphold the commitments expressed in this policy, to take the measures required to improve its energy efficiency.

If you want to implement a methodical energy management in your company, Apave Certification can now certify your EMS. This approach will allow you to:
• benefit from an exemption from the mandatory energy audit,
• obtain funding to support your energy optimization approach with the ATEE **.

*Accreditation 4-0552 - made available on the following website : .
** ATEE: Technical French Association for Energy and Environment

Learn more about the ISO 50001 service: click here

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Published on : 10/09/2019 at 10:36

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