Apave Certification and Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) confirm their partnership for the certification of electrical / electronic appliances manufactured in Europe and sold in Japan

Certification of products to access the Japanese market

Following the recent meeting with several Managers from the Japanese organization, Apave Certification is strengthening its partnership with JQA to develop certification activities for electrical and electronic products between the two certification bodies, registered in the IECEE* system.

JQA is a leading Japanese certification body in the conformity assessment and certification of electrical and electronic products for Japanese and International markets. Due to their recognition by the IECEE, Apave Certification and JQA deliver CB test reports and certificates of conformity for many types of electrical and electronic products, recognized by all the other IECEE member bodies (except for national, more restrictive local legislation). These CB certificates are real passports for international markets.

Accessing the Japanese market

The strengthening of the partnership with JQA should allow Apave Certification to support a growing number of French and European manufacturers up to the JQA certification marks, requirements or added values for access to the Japanese market. Apave Certification, which already delivers test reports recognized by JQA, will soon be processing training and qualification for an inspector who will be able to carry out annual inspections of manufacturing factories, as part of the S-JQA mark.

Making the difference on both French and European markets

During this meeting, the C by apave voluntary certification mark and the Longtime label (a label committed to sustainable product design) were presented to JQA. These will now be available for Japanese manufacturers to apply, and more broadly Asian manufacturers.


* IECEE: IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components


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Pictures from left to right looking at the picture :
Takehiko SHIOTA (Senior Manager JQA), Kevin NADOLNY (Business Manager Apave Certification), Yasuharu KOMIYA (Manager JQA) - Shigeyoshi KAWAMURA (Business Director Apave Japan), Kunishiro SAKIEDA (Project Manager JQA), Hidenori FUKUI (Manager JQA), Kevin NADOLNY, Akitsugu SASAKI (Deputy Senior Technical Manager JQA), Kousei SHIBATA (Deputy Director JQA), Haruo YASUDA (Deputy Manager JQA)

Published on : 18/06/2019 at 11:01

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